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Turn-Key Development and School Operations

NuoBello has established a joint venture with TowerCott Education, to develop and operate international schools throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Why invest in an international school in Asia?

  • Strong demand for International Schools. A new global study has concluded on the continued strong growth in the international schools’ sector, with South Asia emerging as an important driver of enrolment trends over the last five years. The outlook is for continued strong performance in the sector going forward, with demand increasing among families for more affordable, mid-market schools.
  • Good Investment Returns. In the right location, with the right demographics, international schools can achieve excellent financial returns for the investors.
  • Complimentary to residential developments. International schools in close proximity, and with easy access to residential developments can increase the demand and the pricing for the closely located housing.
  • Build the right type of school to suit the location and market. Many international schools are built without the necessary development and educational advice which adversely impacts the investment return achieved. The collaboration between NuoBello and TowerCott Education ensures that investors are properly guided in making the right investment and operational decisions.
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NuoBello together with TowerCott Education | International Schools Operation - P4
NuoBello together with TowerCott Education

We can provide turnkey development services to develop international schools throughout Asia and the Middle East

TowerCott Education

NuoBello together with TowerCott Education | International Schools Operation - Neil Richards

The lead associate of Towercroft Education is Neil Richards MBE, a highly respected Headmaster with over 40 years of international school experience, 30 of these as Headmaster of the four iconic schools:

  • Machabeng College in Lesotho,
  • Yokohama International School in Japan,
  • United World College of the Atlantic in the UK, and
  • the British International School Phuket in Thailand (founded as the first Dulwich International School).

He is currently a collaborator on international curriculum development projects.  Neil has a deep understanding of the organizational structures and facilities, staffing, and curriculum requirements to achieve the highest quality of international school.  He has a particular expertise at identifying opportunities to create added value to international schools based upon location and specific market demand.

NuoBello together with TowerCott Education | International Schools Operation - Matt Simmons

Matt Simmons is a senior associate for Towercroft Education, with extensive experience as an educator and Headmaster in China, South Korea and the Middle East. For the last 15 years, he has supported the building and development of international schools in Myanmar, China and Singapore.

Matt led the flagship project for Dulwich College International in Singapore, a role that included liaison with numerous local government agencies.  The school is now approaching 3,000 students and is globally recognized as an industry leader. His expertise lies in the ability to assume a broad and comprehensive view of each project to represent the interests of the client and deliver a quality product. Since 2021, he has been based in the UK as a consultant.

Development of International Schools

With the combined development and operational expertise of NuoBello and Towercroft Education we can:


We will perform a full feasibility study that will include:

  • An assessment of the intended location.
  • Market study including assessment of local and regional competitors.
  • Planning for growth and options to suit local market.
  • The type of educational models and curricula.
  • Basic business model and timeline for the project.
  • Ten-year financial projections of expected potential revenues and necessary operating expenditure as well as investment requirements.


  • Provide design considerations for a full primary, secondary or all-through international school.
  • Support clients to ensure that their brand and objectives are aligned
  • Recommend design and layout suggestions based on classroom and facility requirements and in line with the latest innovations.
  • Recommend and refer experienced design experts for owner consideration
  • Act as liaison between owners and consultants
  • Manage the design development with the appointed architects and development consultants.
  • Oversee the construction process with appointed consultants to manage cost, quality and timelines
  • Seek to incorporate sustainable design objectives wherever possible
  • Establish operational requirements in line with the design of the school:
    • Articulation of the Guiding Statements of the school, to include Vision and Mission, Values statement, Ethical Guidelines, and objectives.
    • Development of a full school curriculum, including timetabling at every stage and level to determine building resources, the staffing requirements, and any incremental growth requirements, as the school develops.
    • If required, development proposals for the provision of a unique educational program (based upon local resources/needs) to give add-on value to the educational provision of the school.
    • Ensuring curriculum compliance within the National Government regulations.
    • Determination of educational facilities, resources and equipment required .
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NuoBello together with TowerCott Education | International Schools Operation - P3

NuoBello together with TowerCott Education | International Schools Operation - P2


  • Recruitment of the Founding Head of the school.
  • Producing a schedule for the recruitment of academic staff in coordination with the school opening date
  • Establishing the necessary formal relationships with the international curriculum umbrella organisations: e.g., Cambridge Board, EDEXCEL and/or the IBO.
  • Development of a competitive (and reasonable) staff salary and benefit packages
  • Development of a tuition and admission fee structure.
  • Assisting the Founding Head with recruitment of teachers, as required.
  • Identifying the local administrative and ancillary staff required.
  • The creation of all handbooks pertaining to the operations of the school (Staff Handbook; Policy Manual; Parent and Student Handbook, Board Handbook).
  • Creating the school website


  • Assistance to establish the Board of Governors.
  • Ongoing consultant membership of the Board of Governors if required.
  • Initial marketing of the international school within the local community, including presentations to prospective parents.
  • Marketing, including presentations within the region, as required.
  • Exploration of educational conferences/workshops/courses that could be held at the international school, with major organisations.
  • Exploration and development of ways to ‘sweat the assets’ of the school, such as conferences/workshops, theatre productions and short courses on recreational activities (e.g., Art, Photography, Drama).

Where to find us

Based in Thailand, with office locations in Bangkok and Phuket, NuoBello excels in Turn-Key Developments throughout Asia. Our previous experience and accomplishments permit us to complete your project no matter where you are in the region.

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