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Engineering Service

Our full Engineering team provides a 24/7 Planned and Reactive Maintenance service across the property, that self-performs all the repairs and maintenance for the non-specialist equipment. The scope would include:

  • Utilities and infrastructure
  • Mechanical and electrical plant and equipment
  • Room PPM
  • Pool Maintenance and cleaning
  • Kitchen Equipment Maintenance
  • Lifts and Fire Systems – oversight of Specialist Contractors
  • …. and other vendor management

As all existing Hotels assets (and their condition) can differ significantly, it is extremely difficult for us to provide an Engineering solution without performing a full asset assessment. As a result, in order for us to provide a costed Engineering Service Solution, we will provide a team of 3 staff (Engineering Excellence Lead, 1 Senior Technician and 1 Technician) to spend 1 week on-site to generate an Asset Register by collecting all asset information, whilst at the same time assessing the condition of each asset.

This information will be recorded in the same format as we use for our ServiceMind Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) so if we are subsequently awarded the Engineering Services, we can immediately generate an electronic Planned Maintenance Plan.

We will carry out this exercise at a cost of Baht 70,000, which alone provides the Hotel with very helpful management information. However, this cost will be recovered by the Hotel over the first 6 months of the Engineering Services, should the services be awarded to us.

NuoBello - hospitality staffing service in Phuket. - Engineering Service
NuoBello - hospitality industry service in Phuket. - Engineering Service

Engineering Team

The Chief Engineer would manage the Team scheduling works & projects as well as report to our Facility Manager, who is the single point of contact with the hotel management for all our services provided.

The Chief Engineers role includes:

  • Inspection of completed works (both planned and reactive) to ensure closure of Work Orders and Service Requests;
  • Continuously developing ways to improve the service;
  • Reduce energy consumption and increase productivity;
  • Responsible for the Health, Safety and Environmental aspects of the services/team.

NuoBello Hospitality Outsourcing - Engineer
NuoBello Hospitality Outsourcing Engineer Service

The Administrator would be a technical resource managing and operating the IFS Service Mind Computerized Maintenance Management System, generating Work Orders for the Team and reports for the Engineer as well as receiving service requests. He/she would also generate Purchase Requests for parts and consumables to be purchased through the IFS Head Office-based Procurement Team, act as Storekeeper and issue invoices.

The Technician Team would be a mix of multi-skilled Technicians but including experience in pool and kitchen equipment maintenance. Airconditioning Technicians are also provided along with Electrically Qualified Technicians for works on electrical infrastructure, testing and repairs.

The aim of an Engineering Team that includes a fixed component of manpower within a Hotel, as well as a Mobile element, is to make the service more economically efficient where we have a cluster of hotels.

We would consider the weaknesses of the assets in each hotel and concentrate the specialist manpower at the hotel (fixed cost element) being backed up by a mobile team that may carry out more general Planned Maintenance tasks such as Room Planned Maintenance, and larger repairs and maintenance tasks and projects.

This would allow the hotels to share the variable cost element, ensuring that savings can be made.

Ultimately, we would maintain the hotel assets in such a way that we would maximize the asset life and reduce replacement costs.

Benefits of Engineering Service

By using our engineering team, we are confident that the hotel will reduce traditional repairs and maintenance costs by as much as 25%. We would establish KPIs to measure the achievement of these targets.

This would be achieved by:

  • We would expect that the current hotel engineering team is contracting out much of the repairs and maintenance work. This would not be the case with the IFS engineering team which would self perform much of the work with its technical expertise and would only subcontract out specialized equipment. This would be expected to make significant cost savings.
  • Repair versus replace. With the specialist team of IFS, equipment would be cost-effectively repaired as opposed to replaced, which can often be the default option. This would be a standard required of the IFS team in order to achieve cost savings.
  • Centralised procurement for parts. IFS, due to its supplier contracts and bulk purchases, can achieve the best pricing for products which cannot the achieved by individual hotels. These lower prices are passed on to the hotels.
  • Energy savings. The IFS Engineering team have innovative ways in which energy savings can be achieved.

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