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Quality Control Service

For hotels when 3 or more services are provided, we will provide a Facility Manager who will be responsible for ensuring the quality of services provided to the Hotel and will act as the Single Point of Contact to the Hotel management. This facilitates the ease of communication with the hotel management and frees up the hotels management time to generating revenue and providing exceptional guest experiences.

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NuoBello Hospitality

NuoBello Hospitality bridges the expectation gap by ensuring that the facility management services are provided at the levels required by the hotel industry.

We understand that the quality and consistency of services provided cannot be compromised and it is NuoBello Hospitality’s responsibility to perform the “Quality Control” role on behalf of the Hotel to ensure that this is achieved by;

  • Being fully involved in the transition of each of the services from the Hotel to the IFS team. This will include the establishment of agreed-upon KPIs that we will need to achieve for each of the respective services.
  • One of the NuoBello Hospitality Executive team always being available to the General Manager for any issues/opportunities that may arise.
  • Attend monthly meetings with the Facility Manager and the Hotel management to ensure that the agreed KPIs are being achieved and determine corrective action for any areas required.

NuoBello Development Operation Report

Hotel Integrated KPIs

We use agreed-on KPIs within its contracts for both parties to measure performance and identify areas for improvement.

The KPIs will be clearly defined and agreed upon, measurable, achievable and focus on the current “pain points” with an agreed weighting depending on the level of importance placed on the service being measured.

They will be measured, scored and analysed prior to a monthly Governance meeting so that actions can be agreed upon.

The idea is to drive performance improvement and encourage innovative solutions. The KPIs can be reviewed at fixed terms where the focus may change.

As an example, initially, Engineering KPIs focus on increasing the performance of maintenance and repairs. Once this is stable the focus may turn to energy-saving targets.

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Based in Thailand, with office locations in Bangkok and Phuket, NuoBello excels in Turn-Key Developments throughout Asia. Our previous experience and accomplishments permit us to complete your project no matter where you are in the region.

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